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Developer Editions are better choice for SQL Server 2012 and SQL Anywhere 16 for developers

After many years of downloading evaluation editions and using the smaller sized SQL Server Express editions with somewhat limited features, I finally decided to go for SQL Server Developer edition for my future experiments. It costs a bit but you do not have the headaches that may follow after your evaluation period ends in case you use the evaluation software.

I was particularly hit while writing my book on 'Learn SQL Server Reporting Services' where I used the evaluation edition which is the full Enterprise edition. In the middle of the book the computer got into problems due to malware and I had to redo quite a bit of the exercises including the screen shots taken with the previous intallation. These problems persisted and then you have to look for the software used in the first installation (to perform repairs) which got erased when the computer was flattened to repair the bugs. There were endless incidents that aggravated me especially when I received the 'gentle remainders' from my editors.

It is also a good training software for a group of say, unemployed folks looking to find a job in the area of SQL Servers. They could buy a developer edition (and each member installing the express edition on his/her laptop/desktop) and use it is a group sharing cost, and getting a very good (on-the job) training working as a group; checking out features that are available, etc. According to Microsoft the full feature set is available in the Developer edition, except that you cannot use it in production.
Sybase or SAP's SQL Anywhere Server 16 developer edition is another product that is available and this one is free. This edition also has full feature set. It has excellent features for the most complicated of the scenarios you can imagine.

I find this product very easy to use. Download from here:


Working with these two databases gives you a much broader perspective of data that you may miss using only one of them. Also Microsoft .NET Integration with SQL Server which is almost total by now allows you not only to get your foot into the .NET ecosystem including Microsoft BI but also give you an opportunity to use integration of SQL Server Data with SQL Anywhere data as there are a number of integration points available in SQL Anywhere using Microsoft .NET.

 SQL Anywhere 16 has great features for mobile applications that is another very attractive feature.

I recently installed SQL Server 2012 Developer edition which I purchased from Microsoft store. There may be less expensive (with diminished support in case of a problem) SQL Server 2012 Developer edition from other sources. For example:
You may find other sites where it is even cheaper than the above.

Where as from Microsoft store here:

Follow the installation steps for SQL Server 2012 Developer eddition on my dedicated blog for SQL Servers here. It should be available in a day or two.

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