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Creating The Masters of the Mobile Enterprise

You have the Power!

As a Mobile Evangelist I keep preaching that...

Mobile is the new Enterprise and Mobile is Now!

This is a phrase that most businesses should now have heard many times over the last year and a half, or they are already living it daily by enabling their mobile workforce. Also we hear daily the terms of Consumerisation, BYOD and MDM. These are the foundations of Mobile in the Enterprise and a starting point of solid governance policies and the management & security of devices (along with corporate data)... But beyond this, is the ultimate goal of mobilising corporate systems, that ultimately empower the Information Workers. This can only be achieved via innovative mobile apps identified by your Mobile Innovation Council (MIC), which is in turn headed by your Chief Mobility Officer (CMoO).

Mobile App Development is where the rubber meets the road and is just as important as the previous three foundations mentioned, though the precursor of Mobile App Development, and a part that is nearly always left out from planning, is Empowering your In-House Developer's Skills. Think of this as Creating The Masters of the Mobile Enterprise.  Of course there are consultancies or development shops with readily available mobile teams, but as an Enterprise you already have a wealth of expertise. This is made up from end users with their business expertise and an in-house development team, ready and waiting to be allowed to enter the exciting world of mobile. An in-house development team with business understanding, implementation knowledge of existing systems and sharp technical skills.

We all know it is essential to be a master on core technologies and many software companies have formed developer communities and programs as a way forward. These enable the individual companies to communicate skills and educate their developers in a swift and efficient manner in the vendor specific technologies, with the combination of the two acting as an online Mentor. SAP for example have the SAP Community Network (SCN), as well as its Developer Program and Developer Center - Check out http://www.sapdevcenter.com . More and more I believe it is also as important to get to know & understand significant areas around your core competencies, and this is especially crucial with the high paced world of mobile, that has so many constituent parts.

You should encourage the understanding on all round technology and this can be achieved by research and attending user groups/conferences etc. I was really surprised and excited to discover that locally to me, Mobile Monday London (which is a very active group in its own right) and University College London (UCL Advances) have teamed up to launch The Mobile Academy. This is a 10-week evening programme for anyone keen to start or continue their journey in mobile innovation. The Mobile Academy have designed lectures that are grouped to cover Tech­no­logy, Design and Busi­ness and a few general sessions. Attendees are able to mix and match sessions as well as networking and sharing experiences. Check out http://www.themobileacademy.org.uk follow their progress on Twitter @moblacad and I hope this can spread to other countries!

Make sure you plan to create your Masters of the Mobile Enterprise... You have the Power!

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