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For Mobile... When Is Too Much Data Not Enough Information?

Beyond Phone Bills

When finance managers think of data consumption, it is often in the context of controlling mobile phone bills and business mobility costs. Yet application developers are busily creating new mobile applications that provide mobile information workers with greater access to corporate data, in more innovative ways than before. Many of these applications also collect standard data, as well as new forms of data and feed it back to corporate information systems.

Recently I happened upon this remarkable statistic. Over the last five years, data usage on AT&T’s mobile phone network has grown 20,000 percent, and data usage continues to double annually. Perhaps a piece of that growth is being driven by iPhone and iPad content consumers and mobile NetFlix subscribers. But this is also an indicator that something else is happening. There are a lot of data hungry content consumers out there who bring their devices, connected mobile lifestyles, and expectations to work. And enterprises have no shortage of data to provide them. Indeed, there are so many ways to collect business data that it is difficult to make use of it all. And that is the point of an interesting blog (Too much data, not enough insight) in which the writer questions the value of all that data when practical tools for analyzing it are lacking.

Fortunately for mobility managers (such as a CMoO - Chief Mobility Officer) and mobile information workers who are demanding better mobile data to support their business activities, there is a solution, at least for the data consumers. A new generation of mobile application development tools is making it easy to add highly intuitive, interactive mobile analytics to mobile apps. These tools include a library of graphical controls and data visualizations that include various chart types, interactive features that simplify touch-screen navigation of hierarchical data, and an analytics engine that enables on-device data analysis.

These capabilities enable users see and interact with information that is relevant to their immediate business context while being easy to consume for quick business decisions, giving them a major competitive advantage. Mobile applications with mobile analytics features are solving the problem of “to much data, not enough insight”. Indeed, as mobile applications become more effective analytical tools, they may further demand for even more business data.

This is good for business decision making, but it may not help the phone/data bill.

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