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Five Points When Building the Business Case for Mobile Enterprise Apps

5×5 for building 5-Star in-house Enterprise Mobile Apps #1

Today I thought I would put together five steps and five points within to producing 5-Star Mobile Apps

Here is #1

Five points when Building the Business Case for Mobile Enterprise Apps

1. Create a Visionary Plan for more mobile Apps and know how they will aid and shape your enterprise

2. Create an ADS (Application Definition Statement) for each App, specifying purpose and intended audience.

3. Create a Budget for devices, if CYOD and include the next two steps. Also include your estimated ROI.

4. Create a plan for a Device Management & Security Infrastructure - Use a leading MDM such as Afaria

5. Create a plan for an App Dev Team using a future proof Development Platform - Use a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP), such as SUP

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