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Appeon Version 6.5.1 Released!

What's new in Appeon 6.5.1

**Hot News**
What's new in Appeon 6.5.1

New Supported PowerBuilder Features
  • Support the encoding argument for DataWindow SaveAs function and File functions.
  • Support CSV file type for ImportFile function.
  • Support more Section 508 properties: AccessibleName, AccessibleDescription, & AccessibleRole properties of PB controls
  • Inet object supports https address (this feature is available in Appeon only, not in PB)

New Features in Appeon Developer
  • Support deploying to J2EE and .NET servers at one time
  • Appeon Deployment Wizard and Appeon Web Application Package Wizard can now deploy an application to Appeon Servers of different type (J2EE and .NET) at the same time.
  • Support replacing files in application package.  Appeon Web Application Package Wizard allows you to replace files in the package with files from external source.
  • Support whether to start a transaction for a stored procedure. A new option “Start transaction when executing stored procedures” is added to Appeon Developer. When it is disabled, Appeon Server will not start a transaction when a Stored Procedure is executed.

New Features in Appeon Server
  • Support for Teradata database - Appeon Server supports to connect with Teradata 13.
  • Support for JBoss 7 - Appeon Server supports to run on JBoss AS 7.0.2.
  • Support for WebSphere 8 - Appeon Server now supports to run on WebSphere 8.
  • Support for LDAPS for Appeon Server .NET
  • Supports Microsoft Azure Cloud - Appeon Server for .NET supports Microsoft Azure Cloud.
  • Support silent installation of Appeon Server .NET and Web application

New Features in AEM
  • More options for exiting Web application are provided, for example, you can set the Internet Explorer browser to stay opened and only the tab page running the Web application to be closed when you exit the Web application; or you can set the current browser or tab page which runs the Web application to be redirected to run the specified URL.

New Features in Appeon Server Web Component
  • Appeon Server Web Component supports IE 9.

New Features in Appeon Workarounds PBL
  • A new interface of_FileExists is added to the Appeon FileService object to detect whether the specified file exists on the Appeon file server.

For more information - visit the Appeon website!

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Chris Pollach is a Senior Consultant with over 30 years experience in Systems and Software Analysis, Development, Maintenance and Technical Support, mainly in the areas of GUI Design, MS-Windows Programming, Java / .NET Programming, Wireless, Application / Web Server Design & Programming, Object Oriented Development Tools and Methodologies, Data Base, Data Communications and Network application development. He has participated in numerous technical, planning and management roles, as well as consulted and educated in these fields for a diverse clientele. He is also the owner of “Software Tool & Die Inc.” a company dedicated to provide custom software and education solutions on Object Oriented business systems.

As an educator, Chris is certified to teach PowerBuilder (first in Canada), MS-SQLServer, Sybase’s Enterprise Application Studio and EAServer integrated application/web development environment. He is former Certified SilverStream developer (CSSD) and current Certified PowerBuilder Developer – Associate / Professional (CPD-P) as well as a Certified Sybase Tools Instructor (CSI).

Chris has written numerous articles in various popular personal computer magazines, newsletters and is the author of the PowerGuide and PowerExpert products as well as the STD Foundation Classes. Currently, Chris has developed a Foundation Class library for Sybase's PocketBuilder, SAP's PowerBulder and EAServer products and now Appeon Web & mobile products that integrates JSP or ASP web development, Section 508 / CLF web standards and mobile applications. A new Web Service framework has also been released for IIs to support PowerBuilder based web service NVUO's!

Chris recently became a 2nd Degree Black in the TaeKwonDo martial art and has developed a Martial Art multimedia study guide using the Component-One “Doc2Help” and Sybase PowerBuilder products. Since the fall of 2004 he became a TaeKwonDo instructor for the City of Ottawa’s Goulbourn program. He has also been certified with the World TaeKwonDo Federation (February 2005 - 1st Dan and October 2008 - 2nd Dan).

Chris was awarded the Sybase “Innovation and Achievement” award for 2005 as voted for by the International Sybase User Group (ISUG). This award was presented for innovations to the PocketBuilder mobile development product, contributions to the PowerBuilder News groups and support of the Ottawa Sybase User Group.

To round his management and leadership skills, Chris is the former president of the Kiwanis Club of Goulbourn and still volunteers his time with the service clubs in his area. He is also the coordinator of the Ottawa Sybase User group and a certified NAUI scuba instructor. For the last three years, Chris has been voted onto the ISUG Board of Directors and holds the position of "Director - North American User Groups".