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On the Eve of the Next iPad Gold Rush

iPad2 arrives tomorrow

Here we are on the eve before of what will definitely be the next iPad Gold Rush... the iPad2.

I expect to see this in the media, in various ways. Already I have been spotting articles of some dedicated folks staking claim, to the first place in line, at some Apple Stores and I expect to see more join them tonight/tomorrow. What is sure, is that launch day will see critical mass, especially as this time pre-ordering has not been possible. I am wondering if this is Apple's wayof making sure that the amount of interest is translated to the expected large lines and therefore can easily be measurable, reported on by the media and marketed by Apples PR machine? This is in comparison to the rather invisible shipments arriving at potential iPad2 owners front doors.

What we will also see tomorrow March 11, will be the inevitable and gratuitous 'Can it Blend?' - Sorry guys, my opinion...what a waste of money!, Hardware breakdowns - for finalizing the spec of the device that has not been obvious until now, I mean program RAM - Expecting 512MB, but wishing for 1GB and Smiling faces of the first owners. Whatever craziness awaits, it is sure to be an exciting and memorable day, that will be repeated in other countries on March 25 and guaranteed to get maximum exposure!

Beyond launch day - iPad2, and for a while the slightly cheaper iPad, will make it's way further into every-day usage, building Generation-M (check out the Sybase Enterprise Mobility Guide 2011). Not only for the mobilization of the Information Worker in Corporate Business, but for inexpensive Kiosk Systems and even down to Customer Service personnel in public places, such as airports and train stations. The March goes on for the iPad in 2011 here

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