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The March Goes on for the iPad 2 in 2011

Better, Stronger, Faster!

I have been using Apple's iPad since it was launched and am totally hooked on using it whilst out on the road in a personal & business basis. So yesterday we had the announcement of Apple's iPad2 and I was glued, like most of the internet, to the live feeds etc.

Firstly, I have to say what a delight it was to see Steve Jobs come back for the day to announce the updated device. Secondly the update is not massive, it is not a game changer like the introduction of the iPad in 2011, but it is still respectful enough for iPad converts to upgrade and for the iPad2 to continue its march ahead in 2011 (excuse the pun March... as we are looking towards release on March 11 in the US and March 25 in other countries).

What this revision does is to push it further ahead, maintaining its lead in the Tablet Market, which is definitely here to stay.... Along with defining the standards others have to strive for!

Main highlights for me were...

  • A5 chip with x2 speed & x9 graphics
  • x2 cameras
  • Thinner & Lighter in weight - a unibody design

In fact the last point is a great, especially as with the new features the 10-hour battery life still stays the same. What I can be certain of is that these changes will make it more attractive to Information Workers. These are the sort of workers that need power, flexibility and will enjoy the apps that can be created for the new hardware features along with the streamlined exterior, along with the few pounds it has shed. With more adoption, Apps will be created that will communicate with existing back end systems, where over 70% of a corporates data assets reside, on an always available occasionally connected model. Giving the Information Worker the ability to be proactive and have immediate information to make rapid decisions in today's economic climate. So I am expecting a big surge in Mobile Enterprise application development being undertaken on Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms, such as Sybase's Unwired Platform (check it out SUP here).

My only disappointment was that the storage capacity was not boosted to 128GB and the only unknown at the moment, until someone gets one and breaks it down, is the RAM memory for running programs. I am guessing it will be taken from 256MB to 512MB to match the iPhone4, but I am really hoping it has taken a jump to 1GB of RAM.

Beyond the above, I also liked the new features of...

  • Gyroscope
  • HDMI Mirroring Capability.... Steve's secret is now out of the bag, for us all to share

All in all, for me the iPad2 is the Bionic Man equivalent of the iPad... Better, Stronger, Faster! Its March will continue in the Consumer & Enterprise Markets in 2011, at a more accelerated rate and one that I will revisit in a future article later this year.

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