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Sybase Nordic Roadshow

The night before the event at 35,000 ft, traveling due north

The night before the event at 35,000ft, traveling due North... The Sybase Nordic Roadshow is a four track, four location event covering Data Management, Data Analytics, PowerBuilder & Mobility, stopping at Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki. I am taking part in the Mobility Track and will be able to discuss, the SAP Unwired Platform, Afaria, Mobile Office, SQL Anywhere, the SAP/Sybase vision on mobility and will be presenting a session called 'iPhone and iPad in the Enterprise'. This presentation is a combination of facts, professional findings and thought leadership, with respect the the current and future adoption of the iOS devices into Enterprise companies to mobilise current and future data to Information Workers.

Sybase Nordic Roadshow

These forward thinking companies know that Mobility will transform how we do business, in many ways...

  1. Transform (Beyond extending) Changing Business processes - innovation
  2. Security & Management. OTA & On device
  3. Creation Paradigm - Fast paced
  4. R&D - Research is key
  5. Business first - New Opportunities

Oslo AirportI left cold Heathrow on a dark Sunday night, not knowing if the reception I would receive in the heartlands of Nokia, would be a might colder one. Specifically because of my iOS specialty, rather than the 0c temperature that welcomed us into Norway.

On the British Airways flight to Oslo I was interested to read an article in BA's Business Magazine on LTE - Long Term Evolution - 4G. 4G the next generation of mobile phone data technology, already exists in parts of Scandinavia and is going live in some US cities soon. In the UK cellular provider, O2 which is part of Telifonica is testing LTE at their Slough location. LTE is 35 times faster than the 2Mbps average current home broadband connection. That is also ten times faster than the current 3G phone or dongle. That will change things for sure when it becomes ubiquitous and I'm looking forward to that day.

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As one of the Sybase Technical Evangelists, Ian regularly addresses technical audiences all over the world and his sessions are always very well attended. He also writes education classes, whitepapers, demos and articles for various Sybase products and publishes regularly in Journals such as SYS-CON's PBDJ and International Developer Magazine. He is also the Sybase Unwired Platform & PocketBuilder Evangelist and works closely with the team in Dublin, CA and Concord, MA on new features and demonstrations for the products. In his customer-facing Evangelist role, Ian is very involved with the design, production and testing of Enterprise class Unwired Solutions, that have been implemented using Sybase's Unwired tools for Sybase customers around the globe. In addition, Ian is a dedicated technical expert continually working with Sybase's key partners and clients to enhance the capabilities of the Unwired solutions that Sybase can offer to its customers. Ian can also be found on Twitter @ithain