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IT Training Through a Recession... Could Just Help You Out

Adopting a flexible approach

Even in a recession training is a key aspect of a successful company. In fact I have been reading around on the internet and the real buzz out there is that companies need to train themselves out of a recession, rather than cut back.

Let us look at the facts, as companies streamline operations, it is an inversely proportional trend that efficiency of IT systems must either be up-held, or in most cases increased. To keep that level of service on a system and previous investment, training levels must either be kept at a sustainable level or increased... not decreased!















Looking at Enterprise Mobility especially, many analysts see the level of growth over the next few years, as being high... at least 1 billion mobile workers by 2011. So investment in new technologies, such as mobility is a necessity, but existing technologies are the underpinning of these new innovative systems. Remember over 70% of corporate data still reside in traditional areas and will continue to do so for a long while, maybe indefinitely! So no areas can be forgotten and fall by the wayside.

Training is the key to success in this economic climate, as much as it has been in the glory days. Cutting it out will substantially weaken the foundations of any business.

Obviously cut backs need to be made, but there are ways to ease the pressure on the areas of training, with a flexible approach...

  • Internal - Are there any internal folks that can mentor. Notice I'm not saying train. Training is a skill that only a select few are successful at.
  • Local - Keep it local
  • 20-80 - Identifying the key 20% of development needs that will return 80% into the business
  • Collaboration - Learning key niche areas through collaborative groups, such as local user groups is a great was to fill gaps & build relationships
  • Skills Gap Assessments - these short assessments can be used to tailor training and reduce time spent out of the office etc.
  • Attacking in phases - Breaking training into smaller sections, will keep the business flowing.

What can be easily forgotten, in the facts and figures is that... Your employees are your most precious asset now and especially when the economy recovers... Train them well

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