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The DataWindow is used extensively in most PowerBuilder applications. It accounts for as much as 75% of the objects in the application. The reason for this is the power of the DataWindow and its ability to present information from the database and allow new records to be added or existing records to be updated. The DataWindow is definitely one of the reasons for the success of PowerBuilder as a client/server development tool. When moving to the Web, the DataWindow is just as important, especially to existing PowerBuilder applications. This excerpt will describe the Web DataWindow and its architecture and show how to implement Web DataWindows so your Web applications are a success. Introduction to the Web DataWindow The Power of the DataWindow The DataWindow is one of the most powerful features of PowerBuilder and has been since its inception. It provides the ability ... (more)

Cloud Expo, Inc. Announces Cloud Expo 2011 New York Venue

Click Here to Save $800 at Cloud Expo New York ! Cloud Expo, Inc. announced on Thursday that Cloud Expo 2011 New York, the 8th International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo, will take place June 6-9, 2011, at the Javits Center in New York City. Cloud Expo - International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo series is the world’s leading Cloud-focused event and is held in New York, Silicon Valley, Prague, Tokyo, and Hong-Kong. Over 900 corporate sponsors and more than 65,000 industry professionals have participated in Cloud Expo since its inception, tenfold more than all other Cloud-related events put together. Click Here to Save $800 at Cloud Expo New York ! "Cloud Expo was announced on February 24, 2007, the day the term ‘cloud computing' was coined," said Fuat Kircaali, Chairman and Founder of Cloud Expo, Inc. "Cloud has become synonymous with ‘computing' and ‘soft... (more)

Highlighting Selected Text in PowerBuilder DataWindow

Let's suppose that you have a search window where a user can enter a search string and get the list of text items matching this pattern. Ideally, the portions of text that meet the search criteria should be highlighted, for example, by text formatting. It could look like Figure 1. In PowerBuilder we have a great tool for searching and displaying information - the DataWindow. But how can we do text formatting inside a DataWindow column? Unfortunately, there's no way in the DataWindow object to do that. This article describes a technique that will let you simulate this. A Sample DataWindow To explain, let's say that we have a tabular DataWindow with a one-string column called text. We'll only discuss selecting matching text patterns, not filtering data, so our sample DataWindow can have an external data source. The result set description for this DataWindow is very simp... (more)

Where Are RIA Technologies Headed in 2008?

I am always being told off by i-technologists for quoting Picasso as having said that computers are useless. But I still love his reasoning? "Because they can only give you answers." Picasso, like AJAXWorld Magazine, liked questions. So we thought we would share with you what some of the world's leading rich Internet application pioneers are thinking may be the next questions that we need to see answered. From that readers can themselves infer where AJAX is headed. What are the top questions to ask next about AJAX? Eric Miraglia of Yahoo! 1.  (From March'08) How do I calculate the ROI of building my RIA on the iPhone SDK vs using AJAX? 2.  How do I assess the performance of my app and decide what to do next to make it faster?  3.  When it comes to accessibility, how do I know what's required of me for my rich web apps?  Beyond what's required, what makes good business se... (more)

Using the Microsoft Chart Controls in PowerBuilder

You may not be aware of this, but Microsoft now provides a rather powerful charting control free of charge as an add-in for .NET 3.5. It's available for download at http://xrl.us/ben3pm. Because it supports 35 different chart types (see Figure 1), it can add significant new charting capability to PowerBuilder applications. As a .NET visual control we should be able to use it "natively" within PowerBuilder .NET targets once PB 12 is released. However, for those using the current (pre-12.0) versions of PowerBuilder, and those who will still be creating Win32 target applications even after moving to PB 12, it would still be nice to be able to use that control. This article will show you how to do that. As with other .NET visual controls I've implemented in PowerBuilder in previous PBDJ articles, we'll be using the Microsoft Interop Forms Toolkit (http://xrl.us/beo995... (more)

Single Instance PowerBuilder Applications

PBDJ Blog Post One way I’ve found to do this is through a few calls to the system to query whether the application is already running or not. Placing the code in the application’s open event is one way of handling more than once instance. See example code below: OleObject locator,service,props String ls_query int num, ret   ls_query = "select name , description from Win32_Process where name = 'textpad.exe'" locator = CREATE OleObject ret = locator.ConnectToNewObject("WbemScripting.SWbemLocator"); service = locator.ConnectServer(); props = service.ExecQuery(ls_query); num = props.count()   IF num > 1 THEN return END IF If you have other methods, I’d love to see them! ... (more)

PowerBuilder on the iPad?

As you may have noticed, a number of media sources are writing about the overall progression of iOS device sales and of the iPad in particular. The latter's sales have developed to the point where their presence in businesses is becoming indispensable (see Looking into Enterprise iOS by Ian Thain) This article is intended for PowerBuilder users who are considering developing iPad applications. We will try to determine to what point this device has become a must-have, by looking at recent sales and market penetration figures in the professional world. Then, we will discuss development tools and solutions that are adapted to PowerBuilder projects. Facts and Figures Recent numbers confirm the explosion of tablet sales, and the iPad in particular. ComScore says 40 million tablets were being used in the US in the past 2 years, whereas it took 7 years for smartphones to re... (more)

PowerBuilder 8 Web Targets

I realize that many people are talking about nothing but Java, and yes, I'm writing Java components myself; however, PowerBuilder still lives on. There are many existing PowerBuilder client/server applications in production that need to be maintained and many that need to be moved to the Web. PowerBuilder 8 has some nice development features that make it an environment for PowerBuilder applications as well as Web applications. This article discusses the new user interface and concentrates on Web targets. PowerBuilder 8 User Interface There's a list of new features for this release of PowerBuilder. The first one I'll discuss is the revamped GUI. Yes, the interface was completely changed in version 7, but it was for the better. It changed again with this release, also for the better. What Sybase has done is integrate the PowerSite concept of workspaces and targets into P... (more)

Building JSP Applications with EAServer Part 1 or 2

For developers looking at the complex problem of building Web applications that produce dynamically generated content, using JavaServer Pages (JSP) is an excellent solution. JSP is a Web-scripting specification developed by Sun and the Java Community Process (JCP) and implemented by various vendors in their products. The JSP specification defines a dynamic page-based technology that relies on scripts and tags to build Web applications similar to Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP), Sybase PowerDynamo, and Macromedia/Allaire ColdFusion. In this article we look at the advantages of JSP over other dynamic page server solutions as well as compare class-based development with page-based development. In the future we'll build upon these concepts by developing a simple yet useful application. Dynamic Page Servers Dynamic page servers are designed to provide dynamic content... (more)

Using Interfaces with PowerBuilder

Interfaces are one of the most important concepts that have found their way into modern software engineering in the past couple of years. Java, COM, CORBA, C# - all those languages/concepts support interfaces. PowerBuilder does not. This article shows you how to sneak the interface concept into PB by using some of its special features. So Many Interfaces - What This Article Is Not About The term interface is a common one in software engineering. In this article, I define interface to mean "named collection of method definitions." We especially don't deal with: The PBNI, the PowerBuilder native interface, which will be a part of PB9 and allows C++ classes to call into PB User interfaces - all kinds of GUIs like Swing, the Windows GUIŠ What Are Interfaces? If you don't know interfaces, the next part should shed some light on the concept. In short, interfaces define a se... (more)

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CORPORATE Second Quarter Earnings 7/23 - Sybase announced second quarter 2003 total revenues of $192.0 million, including license fees of $63.9 million, exceeding First Call consensus revenue estimates of $186.5 million. iANYWHERE Mobile Middleware Market Share 7/22 - In a recent report, IDC recognized iAnywhere Solutions, a subsidiary of Sybase, as the leader in mobile middleware technology with higher revenues and market share than nearly 20 competitors. The results in this year's report reflect the acquisition of AvantGo by Sybase in February 2003 and firmly position iAnywhere Solutions in the mobile middleware market for the second consecutive year. Learn2Hand 7/21 - iAnywhere Solutions, a subsidiary of Sybase, announced that French2Hand, a new AvantGo channel, offers mobile device users a crash course in the French language. The channel brings together the power ... (more)

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SAP AG on Wednesday announced new capabilities for the SAP Business ByDesign® solution, reaffirming its commitment to provide independent companies and subsidiaries worldwide a flexible, cost-effective mid-market cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite. The updates leverage SAP ...
Tuesday night, SAP confirmed that they will be presenting the official PB Roadmap during the PB World Tour in Europe. After months of speculation, confirmation arrived that SAP will officially support PowerBuilder, and that a new version will be released containing additional features....
Behind every cloud service or cloud-based solution, there are real people... A robust ecosystem of solutions providers has emerged around cloud computing. But who are the CEOs & CTOs behind those providers, who are the internal and external entrepreneurs driving companies involved i...
Jim Hagemann Snabe, whose contract was supposed to run through 2017, has apparently tired of his half of SAP’s CEO job and will be stepping down next May leaving the post solely to Bill McDermott, a 51-year-old American. The plan then is for the 47-year-old Dane, who’s been responsib...
Nowadays IT has the challenge to keep the core business systems running smoothly, bringing in as little disruption as possible while at the same time meeting the constantly growing LoB demands for new features and improved ways to access data. To make it harder – with the growth of mob...
This book is both board and deep. Meaning it covers a ton of topics and goes in-depth on all of them. This book is great for the beginner, but also has a lot of advanced material. After a nice introduction that explains the structure of the book the author starts off Part 1 covering t...
Best Recent Articles on Cloud Computing & Big Data Topics
As we enter a new year, it is time to look back over the past year and resolve to improve upon it. In 2014, we will see more service providers resolve to add more personalization in enterprise technology. Below are seven predictions about what will drive this trend toward personalization.
IT organizations face a growing demand for faster innovation and new applications to support emerging opportunities in social, mobile, growth markets, Big Data analytics, mergers and acquisitions, strategic partnerships, and more. This is great news because it shows that IT continues to be a key stakeholder in delivering business service innovation. However, it also means that IT must deliver new innovation despite flat budgets, while maintaining existing services that grow more complex every day.
Cloud computing is transforming the way businesses think about and leverage technology. As a result, the general understanding of cloud computing has come a long way in a short time. However, there are still many misconceptions about what cloud computing is and what it can do for businesses that adopt this game-changing computing model. In this exclusive Q&A with Cloud Expo Conference Chair Jeremy Geelan, Rex Wang, Vice President of Product Marketing at Oracle, discusses and dispels some of the common myths about cloud computing that still exist today.
Despite the economy, cloud computing is doing well. Gartner estimates the cloud market will double by 2016 to $206 billion. The time for dabbling in the cloud is over! The 14th International Cloud Expo, co-located with 5th International Big Data Expo and 3rd International SDN Expo, to be held June 10-12, 2014, at the Javits Center in New York City, N.Y. announces that its Call for Papers is now open. Topics include all aspects of providing or using massively scalable IT-related capabilities as a service using Internet technologies (see suggested topics below). Cloud computing helps IT cut infrastructure costs while adding new features and services to grow core businesses. Clouds can help grow margins as costs are cut back but service offerings are expanded. Help plant your flag in the fast-expanding business opportunity that is The Cloud, Big Data and Software-Defined Networking: submit your speaking proposal today!
What do you get when you combine Big Data technologies….like Pig and Hive? A flying pig? No, you get a “Logical Data Warehouse.” In 2012, Infochimps (now CSC) leveraged its early use of stream processing, NoSQLs, and Hadoop to create a design pattern which combined real-time, ad-hoc, and batch analytics. This concept of combining the best-in-breed Big Data technologies will continue to advance across the industry until the entire legacy (and proprietary) data infrastructure stack will be replaced with a new (and open) one.
While unprecedented technological advances have been made in healthcare in areas such as genomics, digital imaging and Health Information Systems, access to this information has been not been easy for both the healthcare provider and the patient themselves. Regulatory compliance and controls, information lock-in in proprietary Electronic Health Record systems and security concerns have made it difficult to share data across health care providers.
Cloud Expo, Inc. has announced today that Vanessa Alvarez has been named conference chair of Cloud Expo® 2014. 14th International Cloud Expo will take place on June 10-12, 2014, at the Javits Center in New York City, New York, and 15th International Cloud Expo® will take place on November 4-6, 2014, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA.
12th International Cloud Expo, held on June 10–13, 2013 at the Javits Center in New York City, featured four content-packed days with a rich array of sessions about the business and technical value of cloud computing led by exceptional speakers from every sector of the cloud computing ecosystem. The Cloud Expo series is the fastest-growing Enterprise IT event in the past 10 years, devoted to every aspect of delivering massively scalable enterprise IT as a service.
Ulitzer.com announced "the World's 30 most influential Cloud bloggers," who collectively generated more than 24 million Ulitzer page views. Ulitzer's annual "most influential Cloud bloggers" list was announced at Cloud Expo, which drew more delegates than all other Cloud-related events put together worldwide. "The world's 50 most influential Cloud bloggers 2010" list will be announced at the Cloud Expo 2010 East, which will take place April 19-21, 2010, at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center, in New York City, with more than 5,000 expected to attend.
It's a simple fact that the better sales reps understand their prospects' intentions, preferences and pain points during calls, the more business they'll close. Each day, as your prospects interact with websites and social media platforms, their behavioral data profile is expanding. It's now possible to gain unprecedented insight into prospects' content preferences, product needs and budget. We hear a lot about how valuable Big Data is to sales and marketing teams. But data itself is only valuable when it's part of a bigger story, made visible in the right context.
Cloud Expo, Inc. has announced today that Larry Carvalho has been named Tech Chair of Cloud Expo® 2014. 14th International Cloud Expo will take place on June 10-12, 2014, at the Javits Center in New York City, New York, and 15th International Cloud Expo® will take place on November 4-6, 2014, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA.
Everyone talks about a cloud-first or mobile-first strategy. It's the trend du jour, and for good reason as these innovative technologies have revolutionized an industry and made savvy companies a lot of money. But consider for a minute what's emerging with the Age of Context and the Internet of Things. Devices, interfaces, everyday objects are becoming endowed with computing smarts. This is creating an unprecedented focus on the Application Programming Interface (API) as developers seek to connect these devices and interfaces to create new supporting services and hybrids. I call this trend the move toward an API-first business model and strategy.
We live in a world that requires us to compete on our differential use of time and information, yet only a fraction of information workers today have access to the analytical capabilities they need to make better decisions. Now, with the advent of a new generation of embedded business intelligence (BI) platforms, cloud developers are disrupting the world of analytics. They are using these new BI platforms to inject more intelligence into the applications business people use every day. As a result, data-driven decision-making is finally on track to become the rule, not the exception.